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Abide with me... 

Home.  A word that can conjure up a feeling of comfort, growing up, Christmas, good memories... or in other situations it can also mean pain, discomfort, and stress.  But our true home is where our hearts live. 

In John 15, God through His Son Jesus says over and over again, ‘abide in me.’  We know he did not mean to abide in a physical home, because He said himself that he had nowhere to lay his head.  In this sense, Jesus is speaking of allowing our hearts to be nestled, finding security in Him and His…

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every day is a gift... 

Today I have a dilemma... You see, I don't know how to put into words all of the things that God has been teaching me.  I have a feeling that unless you have experienced what I have experienced, it is impossible for you to understand what I am about to write.

I thought I understood that life is precious, and every day is a gift.  One brush with death, and I realize I had no idea.  I thought I appreciated the protection and presence of God, but now my understanding is so much deeper that I don't even…Read more

always on time... 

I ran across this journal entry I wrote on August 30, 2007... I'm not sure I ever posted it anywhere.  Hope you enjoy it!

if you were at all like me when you were small, there were moments when it felt like time just crawled by. especially looking forward to Christmas, the moments seemed like individual eternities. and as I grew, the truth was that my parents were right all along... time passes so quickly, it seems a blur.
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As Promised... 

It's time for me to write about the incredible experience it was to for one thing, meet Joni, but for yet another, to play my violin as part of her Night of Worship. It was truly an anointed evening. The Holy Spirit was present and clearly the message that was spoken all evening was 'To God Be the Glory'. The difference is, for someone who cannot move her arms and legs to live a life that speaks 'Praise the Lord' with everything she says and does: one word, life-changing!   I have only hesitated to write…Read more

2012...Year of Miracles 

While I write this, I am reflecting on what God has done already. You know, I feel almost as if I'm in the middle of a scene in a movie where something important is about to happen... and the music is building to a climactic suspense... and everyone knows that this is the crucial moment that will be the game changer for all parties involved.

God is the connector of people, times and places.  He knows exactly what we need when we need it.  He knows exactly what we are ready for and will not introduce it…Read more

Presence... a Sneak Preview 

Here is a little personal touch of each song that will be a part of 'Presence'... I pray it is a joyful celebration of Christmas for each person who hears.  To me, it is the perfect blend of nostalgia and tradition, each selection with a distinctive style all its own.  May it shine the light of God's love brightly on you this Christmas!

O Come/Joy to the World.....

Last year on WTGL, The Good Life (TV45 in Lake Mary, FL) I had the privilege of introducing one of the very first arrangements we wrote for this…Read more

Do you know my Father? 

It's Father's Day... a day when we honor our earthly fathers, grandfathers, husbands... and men fist bump and say to each other 'Happy Father's Day'... or simply nod with understanding.  I am incredibly blessed to have a Dad who loves me, loves God and has given me a heritage of seeking to please God with my life.  I am eternally grateful for God's blessing of such a father.   I am also blessed to have married a man who has been a fantastic dad to our two sons, a godly example and an incredible teacher in…Read more

it's been ten years... 

It’s been ten years. But there are things that only get more beautiful with time. Like true friendships, well-constructed castles, a carefully hand-crafted violin, and most of all, God’s unconditional love. This has been a weekend of reunions. It started with a need my treasured violin had for some TLC... and I could think of no one better than its maker, its creator, to take care of it for me.

I am so humbled by the kindness of my friend Cynthia, whose family so graciously gave me a home while I was…Read more

beauty from friction... 

After having a contemplative moment with the Word and my God this morning, my understanding of how God makes beautiful music with our lives is enlightened. Spurgeon talks of the music that would be missed were the strings of a harp never touched. I began to think about the way music is made on a violin. Were the strings the strains of a life, they are tuned by tightening them, and then to make music they are rubbed, creating friction…they are also plucked, beat, vibrated…and quiet when left alone. They are…Read more

quenching the thirst... (another historic post) 

To thirst is to lack to a degree of desperate need or strong desire of something, usually refreshment. The word ‘thirst’ is most often referring to a need for water, perhaps to the level of dehydration. Jesus on the cross, in his limited number of choice last words said, I thirst. It is a genuine need of the body to have liquid refreshment, and it is the need of the soul to have the spiritual thirst quenched. How needy we are! how long can the body go without water before serious physical consequences…Read more