an elephant never forgets...

I thought I would bring back a post I wrote a few years back on my very first blog.  Seeing as it is good to look back for the sake of remembering where we have been, enjoy this historical post...

have you ever heard the phrase, 'an elephant never forgets'? well, I'm no elephant. in other words, I forget. oh, I occasionally forget an appointment, (sometimes on purpose if it is to see the dentist), a phone number, a birthday... but even more serious is when I forget God and His word. see, I don't necessarily forget who he is, but I do sometimes forget what he has done and what he has said. he asks of me only that I trust him, and act in obedience. to remember the things that he has said, and to lean on his strength to follow his ways. and yet, I have so often, like the Israelites of old, failed to remember.
in numbers 15:39, God prescribed that the people of Israel would place tassels upon the corners of their clothes to remind them of his ways, to do his commandments, and to avoid following after their own hearts and their own eyes, which they were 'inclined to whore after.' that tells me that in his wisdom, he knows just how forgetful we can be. not only forgetful, but by nature inclined to behave in the entirely opposite direction than his word and ways. obedience is the place where God wants us, not only for his pleasure, but because he has set the boundaries and wants to bless us when we honor him.
there is a song on my [Sanctuary] project entitled, 'remind me'. it is the cry of my heart to God to remind me of his truth, his benefits, his ways, his love, and his grace. but it is also up to me to be reminded by digging my heels and my heart into his word and be deeply rooted so that when trials and temptations come, I can speak against them by the power of his word rather than my own resolve. the enemy does not fear me if I do not have the word on the tip of my tongue, but when I raise the word of God against his wiles, he can do nothing but retreat.
resisting is not a passive maneuver. but the word promises that he will flee if we do so. (james 4:7) and the precursor to resisting is being submitted to God. submitting is downing my pride and having a tender heart toward his spirit so that when I hear his voice I follow him, no matter what the cost.
no, I don't wish to be an elephant, but I do want the memory of one... to remember to follow God's ways every hour of every day.

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