beauty from friction...

After having a contemplative moment with the Word and my God this morning, my understanding of how God makes beautiful music with our lives is enlightened. Spurgeon talks of the music that would be missed were the strings of a harp never touched. I began to think about the way music is made on a violin. Were the strings the strains of a life, they are tuned by tightening them, and then to make music they are rubbed, creating friction…they are also plucked, beat, vibrated…and quiet when left alone. They are fragile, in some ways, but the touch of the Master’s hand knows just how much to tighten them without breaking them. He knows just how much pressure to put on the string to make a beautiful sound. Of course, the variables come, the seemingly random squeak or unpleasant sound. Even occasionally a string must be replaced, but the new is even more the pruning process God accomplishes to create even more beautiful music from our imperfections.

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