quenching the thirst... (another historic post)

To thirst is to lack to a degree of desperate need or strong desire of something, usually refreshment. The word ‘thirst’ is most often referring to a need for water, perhaps to the level of dehydration. Jesus on the cross, in his limited number of choice last words said, I thirst. It is a genuine need of the body to have liquid refreshment, and it is the need of the soul to have the spiritual thirst quenched. How needy we are! how long can the body go without water before serious physical consequences occur, sometimes serious enough to cause death? How long can the spirit go without being refreshed by the spirit of the living God? And yet, we think we have to be full and happy and thirst-free before we call upon him. The answer is within him. The well of living water is there, freely giving to all who would lower their jars. It is just a matter of being drawn to that well. So often, I think of God as a judge, ready to penalize me if I stray too far, and simply putting up with my heart so prone to wander from his best. But that is not the case at all. I am sure his heart aches when I have myself convinced that somehow I have to merit his love and acceptance. He knows and wants me to know in the depths of my soul that the only answer to the thirst of my soul is to plant my roots deep beside the living water. It is there that my soul and spirit are fed and my leaves are green, my branches bearing fruit. My thoughts go to the one live plant in my house I have managed to keep alive. It seems to be a lot like me…occasionally receiving a watering, but not enough for them to flourish. Just enough to keep it barely hanging on. For it to grow and become more than it is, it requires more care, water, and tending. The Good News: My God and father, the loving vinedresser and gardener, is ready and waiting to provide such care for our souls.

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